Patti Lawson

Patti Lawson


  • CrossFit Level-2
  • USAW L1 Coach
  • PN L1


Patti is a CrossFit Level 2 Trainer who started her fitness journey a little later in life when she joined Intrepid in 2013 in her late 40’s. CrossFit opened a door for her that quite literally changed the course of her life and career as it was the first step to becoming aware that change is possible at any age.

Over the years Patti became more and more passionate about fitness and especially the role that nutrition plays in one’s journey. Having struggled all of her life with yo-yo dieting etc. she learned what balance was needed to finally achieve her goals and after losing over 60lbs and keeping it off for a few years she then took it a step further and enhanced her performance and aesthetic goals even further. During this time Patti worked towards continuing her education in nutrition and fitness and took a leap of faith in becoming a full time nutrition & fitness coach in addition to coaching here at Intrepid.

She has a passion for helping others change their lives and believes that we have no limits except for those we put upon ourselves.

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