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Intrepid Strength and Conditioning is more than a gym; it’s a life-altering space. As a member, you’re stepping into an environment where health, strength, and overall well-being take precedence. Our facility offers 24/7 access and boasts some of the nation’s finest coaches who aren’t just trainers but mentors devoted to your fitness journey.


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Intrepid got me through it!


The thing I love about Intrepid is the support and the sense of community. Everybody’s health, fitness, or wellness journey is different but at Intrepid there is a strong sense of community and support. I love that my balance, flexibility, strength and confidence has improved.

He also got to know each and every one of his competitor athletes and what makes each one of us tick. For example, I am a very “mental” athlete, Randy was able to tell when I was getting in my head and more than likely knew even before I did when I was going to fail on a lift or struggle in a workout. Having a coach who truly knows their athletes and how to help them become better and reach their goals is what you should be looking for in a coach and Randy is one of those few and far in between coaches. I am glad I had the pleasure of him being my coach for as long as I did because I made so many improvements in all aspects of my Crossfit journey and I have Randy to thank for that.


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28 Church St. #3
Warwick, NY 10990

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